High Nickel (Monel) scrap

Monel is a group of nickel alloys, primarily composed of nickel (from 52 to 67%) and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon.
Stronger than pure nickel, Monel alloys are resistant to corrosion by many agents, including rapidly flowing seawater. They can be fabricated readily by hot and cold-working, machining, and welding.
Monel is a solid-solution binary alloy. As nickel and copper are mutually soluble in all proportions, it is a single-phase alloy. Compared to steel, Monel is very difficult to machine as it work-hardens very quickly. It needs to be turned and worked at slow speeds and low feed rates. It is resistant to corrosion and acids, and some alloys can withstand a fire in pure oxygen. It is commonly used in applications with highly corrosive conditions. Small additions of aluminium and titanium form an alloy (K-500) with the same corrosion resistance but with much greater strength due to gamma prime formation on aging. Monel is typically much more expensive than stainless steel.

SBL offers the following grades of High Nickel (Monel) scrap:

Monel 400

Chemical Composition:

Cu Ni Fe Mn
Balance 63-67 1-2.5 0.5-2
Note: All values are in percentage
Monel 500

Chemical Composition:

Cu Ni Fe Mn Ti Al
Balance 63-70 0.5-2 0.5-1.5 0.35-0.85 2.3-3.15
Note: All values are in percentage